Boost your Blog Readership: Let Them Subscribe

September 2, 2014
If you blog, will they come? There are many great steps to building a strong, thriving group of followers on your blog. Many Churches are Thinking Too Small Try it! Enter your ...

2 Ways to Sell Products

August 29, 2014
If your church wants to set up a virtual bookstore, we have two different ways you can do it.  This is great for selling books, CDs, shirts, devotionals, and any other type of merchandise related to your church or ministry. Option 1: Keep it Simple with Amazon SiteOrganic fully supports the Amazon ...

Have Multiple Looks on the Same Website

August 28, 2014
One of our very favorite features in the SiteOrganic ministryCMS is skinning.  It is still one of the most unique things out there in Website tools today, and we built it specifically with churches in mind.

Create a Native Mobile App for Your Church

August 27, 2014
Have you ever watched your own patterns when you use your smartphone? How much time do you spend inside dedicated apps, vs. opening up your phone's browser and tapping in the URL of a Website? More and more, users are becoming ...

Never Worry about PCI Compliance

August 26, 2014
What's the #1 concern when it comes to online giving in the church? That's easy: security Next question... what's the most costly and difficult part of building a world-class online giving system? Right again--security! SiteOrganic Giving Offers the Highest Level of Security

Accept donations via text message

August 25, 2014
You offer online giving to your donors. You've seen the number of people in your congregation who use their mobile phones to look up Bible verses, take notes, and schedule ministry events. What if you could make it easy for anyone to use their phone to donate to your church... ...

Add Bible Verse Lookup to any Page

August 22, 2014
Nearly all of our clients are involved in Biblical work of one kind or another. Including scripture references, verses, and other Biblical content is extremely common. SiteOrganic supports many powerful third-party tools, including tools to extend the power of your spiritual study resources throughout your Website.  Did you know there is ...

When Most Donors are First-Timers, Make Quick Give the Default

August 21, 2014
Using SiteOrganic Giving offers a number of benefits, especially for donors who have a profile. They can return to your site anytime to set up recurring giving, view and print giving statements, update credit card info, and more. In most church settings, you will want to encourage your people to ...

Show Your Facebook Photos on your Website

August 20, 2014
If your church does most of its primary photo sharing on Facebook, we have a great way to "share the love" and get those photos displayed on your Website too.  The good news is that once it is set up, everything is automatic. As soon as you share a photo ...

Rich Navigation: Going Beyond Basic Drop-Down Menus

August 18, 2014
"We want to make it easier to find things on our Website." "I'm constantly getting complaints that people think our site is confusing." "Everything needs to be accessible within just a few clicks." These are among the common comments we often receive from churches as we begin a new Website redesign project. They're ...
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