2 Ways to Sell Products

Posted at August 29, 2014

If your church wants to set up a virtual bookstore, we have two different ways you can do it.  This is great for selling books, CDs, shirts, devotionals, and any other type of merchandise related to your church or ministry.

Option 1: Keep it Simple with Amazon

SiteOrganic fully supports the Amazon Associates program, which lets you make a small amount of money for your ministry while you provide great recommendations to your audience. It’s simple:

  • Sign up as an Amazon Associate
  • Browse for products you wish to sell
  • Get an embed code (HTML)
  • Paste these anywhere on your SiteOrganic site

You could set up a bookstore page, or maybe even a pastor’s picks page like this:

TIP: Another great program is Amazon Smile, which lets people shop on their own, knowing that a percentage of every eligible purchase will support your non-profit. Even if you don’t use the Amazon Associates program mentioned above, we recommend getting listed in the Smile database and then telling your congregation about it. You must be a registered 501(c)(3) to participate.

Option 2: Set Up Your Own Store

The SiteOrganic Giving platform includes a store at no extra charge. You can activate this feature, then fill your store with whatever products, categories, and inventory you choose. What are the benefits of running your own online store?

  • You control all products and inventory
  • The store matches the look/feel of your site
  • You keep all revenue
  • You decide if you allow products to be shipped, picked up at your building, or both
  • You can sell home-grown or unique items that aren’t available elsewhere
  • All payments are captured securely and are deposited in your account along with other donations and event signups (but they are isolated for easier reporting)

Talk to our Care Team about how you can provide meaningful resources and items to your congregation, using these handy online tools!


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