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Posted at June 24, 2011

Note from Brad: I recently sat down with Charu Chundury, who has been buiding an impressive new platform for non-profit fundraising.  Her firm has made incredible inroads into schools, community groups, and similar organizations already.  I’m excited about the potential for FundsOn to help the church community too, and wanted to share this with our audience.  Charu’s team wrote today’s guest post and I hope it gives you some great ideas and inspiration for new ways to engage your congregation.

I sort of think of this as “GroupOn for nonprofits”. Read on…

What if we didn’t have to spend hundreds of hours organizing fundraising events, canvassing for volunteers, collecting money, or soliciting our friends and family to buy overpriced cookies, wrapping paper or magazines just to raise money? What if we could blend giving back into our daily lifestyle without any effort?  FundsOn has created a program to do just that for numerous schools and non-profits across the Washington, DC Metro region.

FundsOn works with hundreds of local businesses that are eager to gain new customers and give back to the community that has so graciously patronized them. Businesses offer deep discounts. Any time a member of your organization buys a heavily discounted offer online at least 10-20% of every purchase goes back to your organization, 365 days a year! Your members save money, the business gains a new customer and your organization receives a donation from every transaction. It’s just that easy!

James Madison High School Athletic Boosters is one of the many organizations that embraced this novel concept right away. Cathy Plymack, JMHS Athletic Booster Representative said, “I thought it was a win-win situation that incurs no costs to our organization, upfront or otherwise”.  She explains, “It’s a win for our supporters because they’re offered deals from local businesses… items that are great deals, so they save money.  It’s a win for [our] athletic boosters because when a supporter buys a deal, part of the money comes back to the athletic teams.”  Commenting not only about her own benefits, but how FundsOn is advantageous to businesses also, Plymack added, “It’s also a win for the vendors because [they’re also] getting people to come into their businesses and buy their products… they’re going to get some business and customers that may not have walked in before.” JMHS has already raised over $1,000 since they launched their fundraising page just few short months ago.

It’s the gift that keeps giving. Once an organization member-base signs up, they continue to make purchases and invite their friends and family to share the savings as well. That means, the funds are being generated 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Recently, Oakton High School raised $1,020 in less than 4 months.

Supporters are thrilled and having fun giving back. A school parent recently sent a note, “I’m very happy to support my local merchants and my daughter’s school, all while getting a deal…genius! I’ve purchased a few deals already.”

Who is on FundsOn? From a college alumni group of thousands, to a youth girls soccer team with less than a dozen members, groups of all sizes and types have signed up. Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish and School is one example of a small group making a difference. If your group has passionate members (and we’re sure it does) – FundsOn can help you raise money.

Frequently Asked Questions about FundsOn

Q: What types of businesses are selling their goods and services on FundsOn?

A: As FundsOn already works with a multitude of children’s and youth organizations, we only recruit high-quality, family-friendly businesses. Check out a sampling of businesses we have worked with in past here.

Q: How much money our church can raise via FundsOn?

A: Depends on your congregation size. For example, if you have 500 members, you can expect to raise approximately $1,000 per month (or $12,000 per year). And with everything completely automated, that’s $12,000 annually with no effort.

Q: Can non-members of my church join our group on FundsOn too?

A: Absolutely. Anyone who wants to join in the name of your church can join.

Q: Does FundsOn require a lot of administrative work and/or time investment?

A: Not at all – once you’ve set-up your organization with FundsOn and your members are able to join your group, it’s on auto-pilot. How much you encourage and remind members to join and buy is up to you.


FundsOn works, so you don’t have to. Participating with FundsOn is absolutely free. Free of charge, free of risk, free of effort and free of hassle. This system of fundraising provides an effortless, consistent, year-round stream of income, to help out where it’s needed most: whether you’re supporting congregation members in need, mission trips abroad, youth education, or the next worthy cause.

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