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Since 2009, the team at SiteOrganic has been publishing ideas, tips and tricks for online ministry.  We care deeply about helping churches and Bible-based ministries maximize their impact online, with the goal of producing results.  As we say,

“When your Website is planted in good soil, your ministry will bear fruit.”

In early 2011 we migrated our efforts to this blog, in order to reach a wider audience.  This blog is not just for SiteOrganic clients.  It’s for anyone who has an interest in online ministry.  We discuss topics such as media, mobile devices, communicating, branding, tools, and ideas.  We welcome your ideas and dialogue.

Our agenda is not to sell people on SiteOrganic. With that being said, please understand that we truly believe that SiteOrganic is the best platform for online ministry! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be investing our lives into this platform. As a result, you’ll read some decidedly-biased comments on this blog about our product and our service, and especially about our awesome clients.

Speaking of comments, here are some guidelines we establish for this site.  By the way, we adapted this from our friend Michael Hyatt, who has an excellent post on creating your own comments policy.  Please read this before you participate:

  • You may comment without registering. You can log-in via Disqus, OpenID, Twitter, Facebook—or not at all. It’s up to you.
  • You may post anonymously. We do allow this, but don’t recommend it. I may change this rule if it is abused.
  • This is a corporate-sponsored blog, and is offered free of charge to you. We reserve the right to delete comments that are either baselessly negative, critical of our team, or our product. We also reserve the right to delete comments that advertise for a competing product.
  • You may post follow-up questions. If you have a question, chances are you are not alone. Others are likely thinking similarly. Please post your questions online so that the entire conversation can be archived for the benefit of others!
  • You may disagree with us. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, and you may have found a better way to do something.  That is great, and we welcome it!  However, we ask that if you disagree with us—or anyone else, for that matter—do so in a way that is respectful. Honest critics are welcome.  Trolls are not.
  • We reserve the right to delete your comments for any reason. Specifically, we will delete your comments if you post something that is, in our opinion, (a) snarky; (b) off-topic; (c) libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or which otherwise violates or encourages others to violate a common sense of decorum and civility or any law, including intellectual property laws; or (d) “spam,” i.e., an attempt to advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services.
  • You retain ownership of your comments. We do not own them and we expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on this site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve us (Edge Media, Inc.) and our employees from any and all liability that may result from those postings.
  • You grant us a license to post your comments. This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. You grant us the right to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, a Website, an Email, a video, or presentation.

Thanks for reading, and God bless your online ministry.

The SiteOrganic Team

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