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Posted at August 25, 2014

You offer online giving to your donors. You’ve seen the number of people in your congregation who use their mobile phones to look up Bible verses, take notes, and schedule ministry events. What if you could make it easy for anyone to use their phone to donate to your church… with just a simple text message?

Mobile Donors Give More Frequently

We had a church in Georgia that switched to SiteOrganic Giving from another system and added text giving. The second month that they were live on our platform their digital donations went from $15,000 to $45,000 a month. The majority of these donations were made from members who were not giving frequently, or at all, and now they have a service that meets them where their lifestyle is and are now active donors.

How it Works

The text giving feature works seamlessly with your SiteOrganic Giving service. You can sign up and be ready to accept text donations by the next business day.

  1. We reserve a dedicated phone number for you, in your local area code.
  2. Your donors will send a text message to this number.
  3. In their message, they can indicate the amount of the donation.
  4. The first time a person sends a text, they’ll be taken to a brief screen where they securely enter their payment details.  This information is stored in our s
    ecure, Tier 1 PCI compliant servers, and only needs to be collected once.
  5. The donor can text “HELP” at any time to get more information on how to use the system.


The text giving system is great for your church! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • It works from ANY mobile phone, even flip phones (as long as they support texting or SMS).
  • Donors can give any amount
  • Donors can specify which donation category (general fund, missions, building campaign)
  • Funds are NOT handled by the wireless carrier, they are sent straight to your bank
  • Deposits normally occur within 2-4 business days

Try it out

You can use our test number to try it out. Just text “help” to: 703-935-1510

Adding this service is easy! Just contact our Care Team today and we can have you receiving text donations this weekend.

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