Add a Hashtag to Your Church Promotional Materials

Posted at July 20, 2011

Quick idea for your bulletins and announcement screens: how about including a small mention of your church hashtag down in the corner? This reminds people to spread the word about your events and activities (especially if they are outreach-based) and also gives your tweeting congregants a common rallying cry. Let the crowdsourcing begin.

Hipster TV shows have been doing this for a year or more. Seen the #glee or #idol hashtags, anyone? NFL broadcasts typically include the #mnf tags in the Fall during football season.

For larger church events where you might have hundreds of people attending, consider creating a hashtag just for the event.  Let’s say your church is named Family Church. You could consider the following ideas:

#familychurch – general hashtag when your people tweet about their experience at the church

#fckids – use this for children’s events

#fcRulZ – use something like this for your youth ministry tweets

#fcChristmas – for special tweets about your Christmas musical


The cool thing about hashtags is that anyone can create them, and they are truly grass-roots.  If you’re on Twitter, you can create a hashtag. Since your church communication materials are still distributed in a one-to-many fashion, you have a chance to influence those in your pews who might be tweeting on your behalf.

One final thought: maybe all believers should use a common hashtag when sharing about God’s grace and provision in our own lives. After all, doesn’t Twitter really exist to make God famous? #godislove

Learn more about hashtags here.

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