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Posted at August 11, 2014

NOTE: This tip applies only to the SiteOrganic ministryCMS.

Have you ever noticed in your web browser that some of the big sites like Gmail, Facebook, and have their logos right up there on the browser tab?  How’d they do that?

Behold the Favicon

Good news–you don’t have to pay Apple, Google, Firefox, or Microsoft to get your logo on their browser tabs. It’s actually possible for any Website owner to brand their browser URL tabs… and you should!

Here’s how:

  1. Start with your logo. The best type of image is one that is simple, and similar in height and width (a squarish image will display better than one that is too horizontal).  Consider just using the “mark” from your logo, or maybe even the first letter of your church name, or even a more traditional symbol such as a cross or a church building icon.
  2. Convert the logo to a favicon image. This is where you get almost no flexibility.  The president of the Internet has decreed:
    • Your image MUST be 16×16 pixels;
    • it MUST be in the ICO format;
    • and it must be called “favicon.ico”.

There are several great utilities on the web to help you quickly convert any image into these specs.  Search Google for “favicon generator” or just try one like this.

  1. With your new favicon.ico image in hand, just send it in to our SiteOrganic Care Team.  We can quickly install it in the source code of your Website, at no charge.
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