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Posted at September 2, 2014

If you blog, will they come? There are many great steps to building a strong, thriving group of followers on your blog.

Many Churches are Thinking Too Small

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If you’re writing a blog with great spiritual content, but only your church attendees know about it, why not expand your following? One of the best ways to do this is by attracting Email subscribers to your blog. This is preferred over the RSS method, because:

  • Email subscriptions are delivered right to the reader’s inbox, whenever you post to your blog
  • Email is a “push” mechanism, meaning that people see your content without requiring any effort on their part
  • Email is more likely to be forwarded to friends, thereby increasing your potential readership
  • Building an Email list is a valuable way to find, connect to, and grow your tribe of followers
  • You can track your email subscribers

Publicize, Analyze

To make the most of your blog with Email subscriptions, we recommend the following steps.

  1. Create a free account with Google Feedburner (you’ll need to sign in with a Google account if you don’t already have one).
  2. Get the RSS feed link from your blog, and plug it into your Feedburner account. To get your RSS feed link, the simplest way is to view your blog. At the top of your headlines page, you will see a subscribe box like this:Right-click the orange RSS icon, and save the link (or “target”) address.  You can also copy the contents of the Quick link box.
  3. Within your Feedburner account, click on the Publicize tab, then Email Subscriptions.  You will see a big block of HTML code. Yay! That’s what you need to copy and paste into your Website.  You can paste this anywhere on your site; we normally recommend putting it on your headlines page, and/or your blog post page.  You only have to do this once, and you’ll have a permanent way for people to sign up for your Email list.

Please note that there are other subscription services out there too, and SiteOrganic isn’t able to provide support on every single one. The good news, however, is that SiteOrganic speaks standard “RSS” which should be compatible pretty much anywhere.

Happy blogging!

Bonus tip: this works with sermons too! You can actually use the podcasting feed from SiteOrganic to set up an Email subscription service. People will receive an Email every week, with the title, description, and link to your sermon.


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