Change the World with Your Presentation Structure

Posted at March 7, 2011

Recently, Nancy Duarte gave an 18-minute presentation on presentations.  Despite the circular nature of the subject matter, her main point was arrestingly simple and devastatingly powerful.  In order to change the world with your idea, you must get the audience to move from their current position to your new “bliss”. 

Moving them to this point requires you to describe their current reality, then describe what could be.  Take them back and forth through these opposite paradigms effectively enough, and you could be in the same league as Martin Luther King, Jr. or Steve Jobs.

After watching this, I can’t listen to a sermon, speech, or presentation anywhere without mapping it against the “perfect” shape. I think it’s a brilliant lens to use when viewing any presentation. 

What about your presentations? Do you have a secret to moving your idea from words to action?

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