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Posted at July 28, 2014

Most churches put their videos on the media/sermons pages. This makes sense, because sermons normally comprise the bulk of the video you create. You can host those sermons directly on your SiteOrganic site, or you can embed them from third-party sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or UStream.

Video is About More than Just Sermons

Did you know that SiteOrganic makes it easy to embed sermons on any page of your site?  This can be useful for things such as:

  • Pastor welcome video to newcomers
  • Event promotions
  • Mission trip recap videos
  • Slide Shows from children’s events
  • Testimony videos from people getting baptized
  • Short devotional videos from the teaching team

Adding a video to your page is simple. We recommend creating and encoding your videos in the MP4 format, using the H.264 codec.  Your video software (e.g. Adobe Premiere, FinalCut Pro, etc.) should have settings for this.  Using the MP4 format will ensure the widest compatibility with browsers and mobile devices alike.

Once your video has been added to your SiteOrganic File Manager, you can add it to any page of your site! Just open up the Page Editor and add the {soHTML5Video()} tag anywhere on the page.  It will look something like this:


There are extra options you can also use to control things like size, autoplay, looping, and a “poster” image to display when the video’s not playing.  For more information, check out our full article on this tag at the SiteOrganic Care Center site.

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