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Posted at August 28, 2014

One of our very favorite features in the SiteOrganic ministryCMS is skinning.  It is still one of the most unique things out there in Website tools today, and we built it specifically with churches in mind.

Say goodbye to runaway ministry sites

We’ve seen it before. The youth (or children’s, men’s, missions, etc.) ministry isn’t able to make their page look quite the way they want. Tired of living within the limitations of the church site, this ministry decides to go build its own.  The rest of the story pretty much writes itself… you end up with wildly different-looking sites, disconnected content, inconsistent style, outdated information on one or both sites, multiple payments for hosting and domain names, etc.

Skinning – Allow Freedom, Retain Control

The SiteOrganic ministryCMS provides you with the flexibility to create different color schemes, backgrounds, type treatments, and branding in any section of your site. We usually recommend doing this in a way so that your visitors understand:

  • They are still on your church site
  • They got here via a certain path, and know how to get back

Skinning changes are typically limited to Administrators, so that you don’t have to worry about unauthorized changes to your design. Because all of the content for your various ministries is still stored on a single Website, there are many benefits:

  • All of your departments login to the same management tools to edit pages
  • Controls for page versions, approvals, etc. are still in place
  • Visitors can search once to find content across all of your pages/groups/ministries/campuses
  • It’s easy to copy or change designs later
  • You only pay one monthly fee
  • You only have to train one system
  • Handling staff turnover is much easier, since the Website remains under central control

Our Care Team can help you look at ways to skin your pages. Often these require little to no involvement from the SiteOrganic team, since you have full access to all of the tools. Our designers are great at coming up with variations on your design, suggesting great color schemes, and unifying your pages. Enjoy the freedom that the SiteOrganic ministryCMS provides!


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