Insider Tip: Hide the Header on Your Site

Posted at August 21, 2010

From time to time, clients ask us about hiding the header area of their site. For example, on a special splash page, or a landing page used for a temporary holiday or outreach, you may not want to show your typical logo and navigation bar. While this may seem like a major change, it’s actually quite simple onmost of our sites, as long as you’re willing to copy and paste a little bit of CSS code.

To hide your header, just open a page on your site (in the Page Editor, click the Body tab), switch over to HTML view, and add this CSS at the very top of the document:

    #header {
    display: none;

Click Save, and preview your page. In most cases you should be all set. If you would like our designers to help you finesse the page further, or if you get stuck and would like to hire our team to help you fix it, just let our Care Team know.

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