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Posted at August 8, 2014

It’s easier to know how you’re doing with your Website when you can measure its results. We talk a lot about producing fruit with your online ministry, and you really won’t know if you’re succeeding unless you measure what you’re doing!

Check out this recent post, outlining why Christian ministries must measure results.

Not everything can be measured

Let’s get this out of the way first: not even Google or the NSA can measure all of the fruit you produce with your online ministry.  For example, some of these things either can’t be measured at all, or (at best) can only be approximated through visible numbers:

  • Heart change
  • Spiritual Growth
  • A person’s total involvement in ministry, across multiple organizations
  • Family health
  • Equipping for evangelism, church work, etc.

Surveys and questionnaires can guess at some of the above, but only God knows the heart.

SiteOrganic + Google = Deep Insights into Ministry Activity

When you connect your SiteOrganic Website to the Google Analytics tools, you’ll see amazing things.  These stats are nearly endless, and give you both basic and advanced ways to optimize and track the behavior of visitors to your Website.

Basic stats you can track

  • Visitors
  • Page Views
  • Which pages are viewed the most
  • Where users are
  • When they visit

Extended and Advanced stats you can track

  • Search terms that are used most commonly to find your site
  • Behavior flows: what are the typical paths that visitors follow within your site?
  • Conversion tracking: for people who enter the site through a given page, what percentage actually make it to the goal we have set (contact page, prayer request, online giving, find a group, indicate a decision for Christ, etc.)
  • Demographics
  • Browsers, screens, devices, and technology stats

Connecting your Site to Google

The one-time process to connect your SiteOrganic ministryCMS site is simple.

  1. Create a free Google Analytics account.
  2. In your Google Analytics account, you’ll need to go to the Admin section, then look for the tracking info > tracking code section.  Highlight and copy the entire block of HTML code you see here (more instructions on how to find your tracking code).
  3. Open your SiteOrganic Admin Console, then go to Site Administration > Site Footer.  Switch the editor to HTML mode, then paste the Google code at the bottom.  NOTE: if you are skittish about touching HTML code, we are happy to do it for you.  Just contact our Care Team and we can handle this part, free of charge.
  4. Once you click Save, Google will immediately begin tracking your traffic for you!

Happy measuring.



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