Mobile Web, Mobile Friendly, or Mobile App?

Posted at July 12, 2011

(Image courtesy of Smashing Magazine)

Recently we had a guest post from our friends at The ChurchApp, talking about some of the things you can do on a mobile app that you can’t do on a Website.  As the mobile device landscape continues to evolve, every church must contend with how to handle this new platform.

Smashing Magazine just posted the finest comparison we’ve seen, lining up the various solutions you could use to offer your content to mobile users.  It’s worth a read. (Thanks to Matt on our design team for finding the article!)

Our advice: determine the strategy you wish to use now, striking a balance between investment and effectiveness. Then, re-evaluate this at least once per year. Technology will be in a much different place in 12 months than it is today. Your mobile strategy needs to keep up–your audience is demanding it!

How does your church determine its mobile strategy for things like sermons, calendar events, ministry info, etc.?

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