Moses Wasn’t the Only One with Tablets

Posted at August 9, 2011

Use the iPad in church? Oh yeah. Christians are not immune to the excitement over iPads, Android tablets, and all matter of black-and-glass 9-inch screens that seem to be popping up in every Starbucks, economy plus seat, and subway station these days.

Confession time: I use my Android tablet in church. That might make me a heretic in your eyes (doubly so, not only because I use a gadget in church, but also because it wasn’t blessed by Steve Jobs!).  Judging from my sneaky, corner-of-my-eye survey of the auditorium during last week’s sermon, I’d say I’m part of a 20 to 25% minority of people who have bid adeiu to their dead-tree Bibles in favor of the digital kind. Some are using iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, and some may even be using (gasp!) stylus-based PDAs. Remember those?

The tablet serves me well as a Bible (thanks to YouVersion), allowing for access to multiple translations, note-taking, and none of that annoying swishing-paper-when-you-turn-the-page sound. I also like the fact that I can take longer-form sermon notes in Evernote if I want, eliminating the need for scraps of paper or a notebook.

Even the Vatican has given a nod to using the iPad in liturgical settings.

There are lots of technical uses for the iPad behind the scenes in church, by the worship team, sound guys, lighting person, etc.

What about you? Do you bring your gadgets to church or leave them in the car? And assuming you never check your Facebook or Email in the worship service–which I’m pretty sure means that you’re not giving God your full attention–what do you actually do with your smartphone or tablet in the service?



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