Never Worry about PCI Compliance

Posted at August 26, 2014

What’s the #1 concern when it comes to online giving in the church?

That’s easy: security

Next question… what’s the most costly and difficult part of building a world-class online giving system? Right again–security!

SiteOrganic Giving Offers the Highest Level of Security

As of Summer 2014, we’re excited to announce that SiteOrganic Giving is now a PCI Level 1 Certified Service Provider. This is an important milestone because it gives you and your donors peace of mind. A few things you should know about the security of our giving platform:

  • Our customers never have to do costly, annoying PCI scans
  • None of our employees can see any of your donor card or account information
  • Our servers are routinely tested and challenged to confirm full compliance with the PCI DSS standard
  • All traffic into, through, and out of our data centers is protected by several layers of best-in-class encryption and firewalls
  • Our security measures apply to all areas where you accept payment:
    • Online giving
    • Event forms
    • Store
    • Kiosks
    • Text giving

Who Else has this Level of Security?

Level 1 PCI Compliance for Service Providers is the most stringent level of 3rd-party assurance available to online merchants. You are in good company:

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Major U.S. retailers
  • Banks
  • Amazon
  • Apple, Microsoft, Google
  • SiteOrganic Giving

Helping your Donors Feel Safe

We strongly recommend that you communicate to your congregation and your donors that you are providing the highest level of security available. In fact, as a SiteOrganic Giving customer you are entitled to display the Level 1 Security badge on your giving page.

If you need help communicating any of this to your donors, just let our Care Team know. When your donors are confident and well-educated, they will be more likely to participate with generous, regular giving to your church.


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