Posted at June 8, 2011

A thing becomes obsolete for a few different reasons:

  1. Another thing comes along and causes us to think about our needs in a different way. Suddenly, the old thing just doesn’t cut it. (See: iPhone)
  2. We get tired of the old thing for no good reason, and experience the urge to try something new. (See: fashion)
  3. The outside world changes, and the thing stops doing what it was supposed to do. (See: last year’s flu vaccine)
  4. Our needs change, and the old thing no longer fulfills those needs. (See: toddler who just outgrew her shoes)

This is true of technology, gadgets, medicine, music, business process, and ideas.

Think about your church’s online ministry in those terms. In the church world, Summer is the best time of the entire year to think about sprucing up, cleaning out, and building new. But you have to do it for the right reasons. 

If your current Website isn’t obsolete, then don’t overhaul it.

If your current Website is truly obsolete, then don’t hold back! Better to invest now in the future than to be irrelevant and ineffective in your online ministry.

Don’t forget, some things never become obsolete (See: Bible).

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