The Top 3 Objections to Online Giving

Posted at August 14, 2014

According to ChurchMag, only 16% of churches in the U.S. have optimized for mobile giving.  And still far fewer than half of U.S. churches are offering online giving in any form.

“Why haven’t you?” – Most Common Objections

We did a recent survey of churches, and when we asked, “why haven’t you set up online giving?” Here is what we heard:

  • Concerned about security
  • Pastor (or senior leaders) don’t believe in it
  • Concerned about the costs

Funding Your Ministry Requires an Online Solution

Behind all three of the above objections, there is a fear. We get it. Let’s talk briefly about each one.

  1. “We’re concerned about the security of online giving.”
    • Underlying fear: We don’t want to compromise the safety of our donors’ personal/financial information. We want to be good stewards. We are afraid that the church might be liable for losses, etc.
    • Reality: When choosing an online giving partner, you should be extremely picky about security. For good reason! In addition to basic security like encryption and firewalls, you should demand that your giving partner is routinely audited and is complaint with Tier 1 PCI guidelines. This is the highest level of security available online, and is the same level of security applied to the banks and financial institutions themselves.
    • SiteOrganic Giving is fully Tier 1 PCI compliant, something we have (and do) work very hard to maintain. The safety and security of your church and donor records is our primary concern.
  2. “Our pastor doesn’t believe in it.”
    • Underlying fear: our senior leadership is afraid that the results gained from online giving isn’t worth the cost/effort required.
    • Reality: Adding online giving to your site requires almost no work. We’ve streamlined the application process, getting most churches set up in a matter of hours or just a day or two. We’ll cover costs below… but suffice it to say that more than 95% of our church giving clients see an overall increase in overall giving for the church. This isn’t just stealing from the offering plate to put dollars into the Website. This is honest-to-goodness, new revenue that comes in from donors who want to give online, who weren’t giving before, or who feel led to give more when doing so online. There is no downside!
  3. “We’re concerned about the costs.”
    • Underlying fear: We’re afraid that the church will lose money on this. We’ll have to pay a fee to take each donation, and since we pay no fees right now for cash/check donations, we’ll end up taking in less revenue than before.
    • Reality: Yes you will pay some fees for accepting electronic donations. This is universally true. On average, the industry charges somewhere between 2.75% and 3.5% of each transaction. Often, the fees are confusing and deceptive. SiteOrganic removes the confusion and the worry. Our fees are easy to understand, and among the lowest you’ll find anywhere. But what about people shifting their giving from cash/check to online? In practice, we find that the data doesn’t bear this out. Adding online giving will create new channels of income for your church, very rarely does it just “shift” money from one channel to another.  Another way to look at this: would you trade me $2.50 if I gave you $100?

Help Your Church Do More Ministry

Our online giving specialists have a number of tips and ideas to help you tactfully, professionally, and respectfully build an online giving platform for your church. As nearly all modern families are doing their finances online now, your church needs to consider the importance of offering online giving. We have more information here.



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