PCI Compliance

Posted at July 16, 2010

If you don’t accept payments or donations on your Website, then stop reading now. If you do take payments of any kind, then you need to know about PCI Compliance. Simply put, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) maintains and enforces standards to keep you and your customers safe. This year, new rules take effect. Your Website must be compliant with the new regulations, or else you may be subject to severe penalties. If you haven’t already contacted your merchant provider about these rules, we recommend that you do so. It’s easy to certify your compliance. Most organizations pay a firm like Security Metrics to run a test of your Website, and if any issues are found we can help.

Fortunately, the SiteOrganic platform has been rigorously tested, so we can ensure that your site is PCI compliant.  Since you are the owner of your domain, however, the burden is on you to demonstrate compliance.  Just contact our care team with questions.

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