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Posted at July 29, 2014

The importance of Friendly URLs cannot be overstated. This handy tool in SiteOrganic allows you to transform a long, unmemorable address like this:

…into something much easier, like this:

Even though this change only affects the address that your visitors will see in their browser toolbar (and has no impact on the content of the page itself), the benefits are many.

  • Easier to remember
  • Shorter to type
  • Given slightly more weight by search engines (helps you rank better on Bing and Google)
  • Makes it easy to migrate to a new Website later, when you are ready for a new design
  • Better for promoting your ministries and events in printed bulletins, posters, billboards, and on the screens in your Sunday service
  • SiteOrganic automatically uses your Friendly URLs in your side navigation menus, and on your Google sitemap

Who is using my Friendly URL?

Many users add the Friendly URL directly to the Page Editor screen in SiteOrganic, like this:

 Using this method, you can add one (or more) Friendly URLs to your page quickly. However, you can only see the Friendly URLs that belong to this page. You also can’t re-use a Friendly URL that has already been assigned to another page on your site.  For non-Administrators, if you do run into a conflict (i.e. “Sorry, that Friendly URL is already in use”), your only recourse is to go to your Website and physically type it in and find out where it goes.

Administrators Can See the Whole List

Administrators have a handy list of ALL Friendly URLs that are in use throughout the entire Website. This allows them to quickly review which ones are being used, which can be removed, and which ministries/groups/departments are using them.

Access the whole list by choosing Site Administration > Friendly URLs from your SiteOrganic Admin Console:

From here, Administrators can add, edit, or delete any Friendly URL on the site. There is also a preview link (magnifying glass icon) that is a handy way to open a new browser window and physically view the page for a Friendly URL.  We encourage you to make full use of this tool and optimize the links so you get the most value from your site!

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