Sermon video: Make it Bigger

Posted at August 12, 2014

One of the great things about the SiteOrganic ministryCMS system is the ability to present a rich archive of sermons, both audio and video, along with all of your notes, outlines, handouts, scripture references, and other related materials.  The standard layout puts your video (or sermon graphic) on the left half of the screen, with the audio and description on the right.

This two-column layout usually works well, but as many churches begin to rely more heavily on video, it may be time to re-think the display of your sermons.

A Better Lean-Back Experience

If you are posting video sermons each week (either hosting them directly on your site, or integrating with Vimeo, YouTube, etc.), consider the way that your users are interacting with the sermons. It’s different for audio and video content.

  • Audio sermons: many people will start the sermon playing, then minimize the window and do other things while they listen.
  • Video sermons: most users will remain on the page, watching the video (or even expanding it to full-screen mode). This is especially true of mobile users, since videos normally play full-screen by default.

Your move to video sermons should be accompanied by a careful look at the visual layout of your sermon page (the “Program Landing” page, as we call it).  SiteOrganic is built with standard HTML5 parts, which means that it’s very possible to move, stretch, hide, and shrink all of the elements on your sermon page.

Here are a couple examples that we’ve done for other churches:

Above example: large video fills about 80% of the width of browser, with description and audio player below.


Above example: large video fills the width of the browser, no description/notes/audio. Below the main sermon, a visual grid of other sermons from the same series is presented.


Do you like these layouts? Or do you have something else in mind?  Contact our Care Team and let’s talk about how you would like to spruce up your sermons page!

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