Should You Use Your Church Core Values as Your Website Navigation?

Posted at June 29, 2011

Let’s imagine that you are a mom, and your family just moved into a new town. You’re hunting for a new church, and decide to check out the Website for a church someone recommended to you. So, you get on the Interwebs and head over to their site. So far, so good.

When you get to the site, the home page offers little information, and has the following items for the main menu buttons:

Or maybe something like this:

You’re thinking to yourself, “I just want to find out what time the Sunday service starts! Is that ‘grow’, or maybe ‘share’?”  Who knows.

And thus becomes the problem when your church staff tries to get too clever with the menu buttons. While it may be clever and “mission-focused” to use your core values in every way possible, navigation shouldn’t be one of them. Navigation menus are a critical tool to help people find their way to the resources they need on your Website.  Do the job of communicating your vision once they get where they’re going.

Instead, call things what they are.  There is nothing wrong with “About Us”, “Events”, “Places to Serve”, or “Sermons”. The simpler, the better. Trust us on this, we’ve had lots of experience trying it both ways.

What are your thoughts on working the church vision into the fabric of your site? Have you seen an example where someone was actually able to use the core values as menu buttons, and pull it off well?

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