Should your church create an iPhone app?

Posted at October 18, 2010

Mobile web, iPhone app, or both? When I speak to churches on a daily basis, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear how you guys are keeping up with the rapidly-changing mobile tech landscape. The seismic shifts in technology have led to some important changes in the way churches communicate and interact.

As recently as early 2010, there was no question that one smartphone ruled the market. If you wanted to be “mobile”, your choice was easy: build an iPhone app.

These days, that’s changing. Android is now outselling iPhoneBlackberry isn’t going down without a fight, and Microsoft releases its much-anticipated do-over next month,Windows Phone 7.

Some churches took the plunge early and invested in full iPhone apps. We think this can be a great way to enrich the experience for your online visitors. We also think, however, that a great mobile web experience can reduce or eliminate the need for a full app.

Apps are hard to do well. Can you resist the “me too” urge and really analyze your mobile communications strategy?

What if your Website “just worked” everywhere, so your mobile users had a high-fidelity way to experience your content? That’s the question that drives our current crop of mobile design and innovation in the SiteOrganic studios. In fact, all of the new site designs we’ve produced over the past few months have been nearly 100% mobile friendly out of the box.

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