Show a Filtered Calendar for Any Group or Ministry

Posted at August 6, 2014

The SiteOrganic ministryMCS allows you to have multiple calendars under one roof. This is useful for various ministries and departments, especially if they all want their events listed in one place. Typically, churches will show a main calendar, aggregating all ministry events on the same screen.  Color-coding or the use of icons can help to differentiate the event types.

Your Ministry Calendar on a Page All Its Own

If you need a bit more isolation for your calendars, consider using the “showGroup” parameter.  This will automatically filter the events that are shown, so that no other ministry/departments appear on your calendar.  This is also a great technique if you want to have a “members only” or a staff calendar.  These events can be shown on a password-protected page (since any page can be placed behind a login).

On your calendar page, place a tag within the page editor like this:


Replace the number with the group ID of the group(s) you’d like to show.  You might also want to inspect the calendar settings for the group in question; if you’re putting the calendar on a narrow layout then you might want to turn off some of the tabs to avoid crowding on the screen:

Explore more about using the calendar tags, there are some hidden gems in there! Full details are available in the Tag Reference section of our Care Center.

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