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Posted at August 13, 2014

How many of your congregation are visiting your Website with a mobile device?  If you’re in the United States, it’s almost certainly more than half. (More than half!) And growing.

Pinch and Zoom Doesn’t Cut It

If your site is more than a few years old, it may technically look OK on a small screen, but it’s probably not optimized. Doing the old two-finger pinch-and-zoom to read text is getting annoying for your users!  Let’s get your site modernized for today’s devices.

Responsive Design FTW!

SiteOrganic has the ability to make any Website “magically” respond to any size screen. This is built-in to all of our new sites, and it’s also something we can retrofit to an old one. You can read more about how SiteOrganic responsive design works. Basically it’s the kind of thing that “just works”, without anyone thinking about it.

Should you get a new site, with this technology built in? Or should you retrofit your current one? There are many considerations–often with little to no cost. Here are several examples so you can see how the same site looks on the desktop and on a mobile screen. No pinching or zooming here:



This is no longer optional, folks. If you’ve been putting off a decision to make your site look better on mobile devices, we’re here to help. SiteOrganic makes it easy and painless. Contact us today!

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