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Posted at August 5, 2014

Church calendars are typically one of the top 3 things visited online.

While calendars are great to view while on the actual Website, most of us use our mobile devices (or productivity software) to manage our busy schedules.  Thankfully, SiteOrganic offers an easy way for folks to subscribe to your calendar so that your church events will show up wherever they manage their calendars.*

Subscribing to Your Church Calendar – 4 Easy Steps

  1. View the Agenda calendar (click the “Agenda” tab on your calendar page, if you’re not already on it)
  2. Right click the iCal icon and choose “Copy Link Address”
  3. Open your device’s calendar, or the calendar in your desktop productivity app (such as Outlook or Mac Calendar).  Find the feature to Add a New Calendar from the Internet.
  4. Paste in the address you got in step 2 above.
  5. Click OK. You will have a new calendar called “ical”, which you can rename to “My Church Calendar” or any other friendly title, if you want.

NOTE: it’s important that you choose the “Agenda” view calendar (mentioned in step 1 above), otherwise, the calendar you’ll get is simply a snapshot-in-time and won’t change as future events are added.

*Sorry, we don’t yet have a way to get your Website calendar events to sync with paper day-planners.  But we are working on it. :)



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