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Should You Copy Ideas from Another Church?

October 25, 2011
If "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", then copyright infringement lawsuits must be like love letters, right?  Not so much.  And even though churches aren't necessarily suing each other over this issue (well actually this one came pretty darn close), it's still prudent to think carefully before ...

Why Your Church Needs a Style Guide

August 3, 2011
Could the right font really mean the difference between someone visiting your church, or not at all?  Will the gospel message penetrate further when your church logo is not stretched too wide atop your Sunday bulletin? Are typos a sing of the end times? It may seem like a stretch at ...

Add a Hashtag to Your Church Promotional Materials

July 20, 2011
Quick idea for your bulletins and announcement screens: how about including a small mention of your church hashtag down in the corner? This reminds people to spread the word about your events and activities (especially if they are outreach-based) and also gives your tweeting congregants a common rallying cry. Let ...

5 Things to Do to Get Your Website Ready for Fall

July 18, 2011
A friend of mine who worked on the staff of a large church had a great saying.  He described the seemingly-endless treadmill of activity that consumes folks in the church office. It repeats each week: submitting bulletin announcements, worship planning, rehearsals, sterilizing baby toys, setting up cones in the parking ...

The Importance of a Branded Email Address

October 6, 2010
Simple question: if you are on staff at your organization, does your Email address reflect that? We see too many people who work full- or part-time at their organization, yet their Email address is or whatever. This is unprofessional. Your Email address is a subtle, but important calling card that ...

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page for Your Church

September 21, 2010
Greg Atkinson is a longtime friend of SiteOrganic, and we are thrilled to support his blog. He does great work with churches around the country, helping them to hone and improve their ministry impact. Check out Greg's advice for creating a Facebook landing ...
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