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Show a Filtered Calendar for Any Group or Ministry

August 6, 2014
The SiteOrganic ministryMCS allows you to have multiple calendars under one roof. This is useful for various ministries and departments, especially if they all want their events listed in one place. Typically, churches will show a main calendar, aggregating all ministry events on the same screen.  Color-coding or ...

Subscribe to the Calendar from Any Device

August 5, 2014
Church calendars are typically one of the top 3 things visited online. While calendars are great to view while on the actual Website, most of us use our mobile devices (or productivity software) to manage our busy schedules.  Thankfully, SiteOrganic offers an easy way for folks to subscribe to your calendar ...

Contest: Win Expert Help to Improve Your Blog!

August 30, 2011
Do you or any of your co-workers write a blog of any kind? If so, we'd like to hear from you. Your blog is probably in one of the two following categories: 1. Could benefit from great ideas to focus the content, enhance the packaging, and increase readership. 2. Is the most popular blog ...

Add a Hashtag to Your Church Promotional Materials

July 20, 2011
Quick idea for your bulletins and announcement screens: how about including a small mention of your church hashtag down in the corner? This reminds people to spread the word about your events and activities (especially if they are outreach-based) and also gives your tweeting congregants a common rallying cry. Let ...

5 Things to Do to Get Your Website Ready for Fall

July 18, 2011
A friend of mine who worked on the staff of a large church had a great saying.  He described the seemingly-endless treadmill of activity that consumes folks in the church office. It repeats each week: submitting bulletin announcements, worship planning, rehearsals, sterilizing baby toys, setting up cones in the parking ...

SiteOrganic Heads South!

May 2, 2011
In one week, we'll be taking two teams to two different ministry events. We look forward to meeting lots of new friends, and reconnecting with many of our current clients as well. It's the first time we've tried doing two events simultaneously. Will we be able to get two booths set ...
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