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2 Ways to Sell Products

August 29, 2014
If your church wants to set up a virtual bookstore, we have two different ways you can do it.  This is great for selling books, CDs, shirts, devotionals, and any other type of merchandise related to your church or ministry. Option 1: Keep it Simple with Amazon SiteOrganic fully supports the Amazon ...

Never Worry about PCI Compliance

August 26, 2014
What's the #1 concern when it comes to online giving in the church? That's easy: security Next question... what's the most costly and difficult part of building a world-class online giving system? Right again--security! SiteOrganic Giving Offers the Highest Level of Security

Accept donations via text message

August 25, 2014
You offer online giving to your donors. You've seen the number of people in your congregation who use their mobile phones to look up Bible verses, take notes, and schedule ministry events. What if you could make it easy for anyone to use their phone to donate to your church... ...

The Top 3 Objections to Online Giving

August 14, 2014
According to ChurchMag, only 16% of churches in the U.S. have optimized for mobile giving.  And still far fewer than half of U.S. churches are offering online giving in any form. "Why haven't you?" - Most Common Objections We did a recent survey of churches, and when we asked, "why haven't you ...

Online Giving: Is Your Church One of the 86 Percent?

December 20, 2011
We recently wrote a piece on the topic of online giving for the editors of  Key topics include: Just because someone is a young adult, it doesn't mean that they will default to online giving Larger churches are more prone to offer an online giving option 86% of churches do not currently ...

What does it mean to “produce fruit” online?

August 22, 2011
What's the one thing you track most closely, in order to determine if your online ministry is successful? We ponder this question a lot on our team.  Here are some common responses we hear: Hits Unique visitors People visiting our church for the first time, saying that they found us online Number of viewers for ...

A Creative Way to Raise More Funds

June 24, 2011
Note from Brad: I recently sat down with Charu Chundury, who has been buiding an impressive new platform for non-profit fundraising.  Her firm has made incredible inroads into schools, community groups, and similar organizations already.  I'm excited about the potential for FundsOn to help the church community too, and ...

U.S. is Feeling Charitable, Just Not Through Churches

December 20, 2010
As churches round the corner on year-end giving, we thought it might be a good time to mention this article from earlier in the Fall.  It's an interesting, if sobering, look at charitable giving trends in the U.S.  What do you think this might mean for your ministry planning in ...

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page for Your Church

September 21, 2010
Greg Atkinson is a longtime friend of SiteOrganic, and we are thrilled to support his blog. He does great work with churches around the country, helping them to hone and improve their ministry impact. Check out Greg's advice for creating a Facebook landing ...

PCI Compliance

July 16, 2010
If you don’t accept payments or donations on your Website, then stop reading now. If you do take payments of any kind, then you need to know about PCI Compliance. Simply put, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) maintains and enforces standards to keep ...
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