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Build a Prayer Wall on Your Website

August 7, 2014
One of the great things about the web and social media is our ability to connect with each other. Churches are using this ability to create new opportunities for evangelism, spiritual growth, and prayer. How do you facilitate prayer requests online?  SiteOrganic makes it easy.  There is no monthly fee ...

Blogger’s Block

March 19, 2012
If you write a blog, then you know the pressure of constantly generating fresh content. We sure do. You've also probably suffered from blogger's block, otherwise known as being fresh out of ideas on what to write. Here are some thoughts on how to get yourself un-stuck: 1. Keep a journal/notepad with ...

What does it mean to “produce fruit” online?

August 22, 2011
What's the one thing you track most closely, in order to determine if your online ministry is successful? We ponder this question a lot on our team.  Here are some common responses we hear: Hits Unique visitors People visiting our church for the first time, saying that they found us online Number of viewers for ...

A Creative Way to Raise More Funds

June 24, 2011
Note from Brad: I recently sat down with Charu Chundury, who has been buiding an impressive new platform for non-profit fundraising.  Her firm has made incredible inroads into schools, community groups, and similar organizations already.  I'm excited about the potential for FundsOn to help the church community too, and ...

Handling Negative and Inappropriate Comments on your Website

June 3, 2011
Churches are frequently hesitant to create true community out of fear. Fear that the wrong stuff will get posted on your site. And you know what? Their fears are well-placed. Find any Website that has had open comments or forums for a while, and I'll show you someone who has ...

Are you Creating Digital Disciples?

May 31, 2011
Businesses live and die by their two most critical metrics: profits and customer satisfaction. The latter will drive the former, so it's arguable that focusing on customers will make everything else fall into place. This can mean different things to different organizations; after all, focusing on customers might start by ...

Need Some Big Inspiration?

May 26, 2011
At the Whiteboard Sessions earlier this month, the free eBook by Seth Godin called What Matters Now was referenced.  If you've not read it, or even if you have, it's worth downloading. Maybe even printing. This eBook is full of quick, digestible ideas and inspiration from authors as diverse ...

Creative Ways to Use Social Media in Church

May 24, 2011
In a recent post I talked about the philosophy of social media at church, and how it really should be viewed as a mandate. We have a great opportunity to make “digital disciples”, as Anthony Coppedge puts it. OK, so you ...

Your Church Needs to Engage in Social Media!

May 17, 2011
Last week we sponsored the Dynamic Church Conference in Dallas, and I was fortunate to sit in on a couple of the sessions.  Much more than just a user or technical event, this conference brings together some of the best minds in ministry to discuss process, strategy, and best practices. One ...

What Could Your Church do with a Mobile App?

May 10, 2011
Today's guest post is from Chris Sharpe of Chris and his team have established themselves as a leader in app development for churches, across both the iPhone/iPad market and Android.  SiteOrganic is excited to be partnering with The Church App, offering our clients exciting integration and bundling capabilities ...
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