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SiteOrganic Heads South!

May 2, 2011
In one week, we'll be taking two teams to two different ministry events. We look forward to meeting lots of new friends, and reconnecting with many of our current clients as well. It's the first time we've tried doing two events simultaneously. Will we be able to get two booths set ...

Do We Need HTML5 on our Site?

March 21, 2011
  Do we need HTML5 on our site? We get occasional (and lately, more frequent) questions about HTML5.  Usually, someone has heard about this technology because it promises to fix all problems when viewing Websites on a mobile device.  It also is a much-ballyhooed alternative to Flash (which is the most evil ...

Turn that Spreadsheet into a Map

September 26, 2010
Clients keep finding cool resources for us to share. This one comes from Mike Hurt, Senior Pastor at Parkway Church in Victoria, TX. Parkway is using the free BatchGeo tool to automatically convert a spreadsheet of small group listings into an interactive Google Map. Total time spent: about 15 ...

What Was that Song Again?

September 12, 2010
Here's a cool way to use SiteOrganic: create a blog with a weekly set list from your worship team. You probably can't put the full audio of the songs on your Website (check with your neighborhood copyright attorney!). But ...

Insider Tip: Hide the Header on Your Site

August 21, 2010
From time to time, clients ask us about hiding the header area of their site. For example, on a special splash page, or a landing page used for a temporary holiday or outreach, you may not want to show your typical logo and navigation bar. While this may seem like ...
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