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Accept donations via text message

August 25, 2014
You offer online giving to your donors. You've seen the number of people in your congregation who use their mobile phones to look up Bible verses, take notes, and schedule ministry events. What if you could make it easy for anyone to use their phone to donate to your church... ...

Smartphones and Tablets ❤ SiteOrganic

August 13, 2014
How many of your congregation are visiting your Website with a mobile device?  If you're in the United States, it's almost certainly more than half. (More than half!) And growing. Pinch and Zoom Doesn't Cut It If your site is more than a few years old, it may technically look OK on a ...

Subscribe to the Calendar from Any Device

August 5, 2014
Church calendars are typically one of the top 3 things visited online. While calendars are great to view while on the actual Website, most of us use our mobile devices (or productivity software) to manage our busy schedules.  Thankfully, SiteOrganic offers an easy way for folks to subscribe to your calendar ...

Writing for Mobile: When in Doubt, Leave it Out

November 8, 2011
A recent report by Jakob Neilsen reveals some interesting truths about the way users expect to read text on their mobile devices.  The crux of the question is, as they state: How can people simultaneously want to kill time and get angry when their time is wasted? Churches should be ...

Moses Wasn’t the Only One with Tablets

August 9, 2011
Use the iPad in church? Oh yeah. Christians are not immune to the excitement over iPads, Android tablets, and all matter of black-and-glass 9-inch screens that seem to be popping up in every Starbucks, economy plus seat, and subway station these days. Confession time: I use my Android tablet in church. ...

Add a Hashtag to Your Church Promotional Materials

July 20, 2011
Quick idea for your bulletins and announcement screens: how about including a small mention of your church hashtag down in the corner? This reminds people to spread the word about your events and activities (especially if they are outreach-based) and also gives your tweeting congregants a common rallying cry. Let ...

Mobile Web, Mobile Friendly, or Mobile App?

July 12, 2011
(Image courtesy of Smashing Magazine) Recently we had a guest post from our friends at The ChurchApp, talking about some of the things you can do on a mobile app that you can't do on a Website.  As the ...

What Could Your Church do with a Mobile App?

May 10, 2011
Today's guest post is from Chris Sharpe of Chris and his team have established themselves as a leader in app development for churches, across both the iPhone/iPad market and Android.  SiteOrganic is excited to be partnering with The Church App, offering our clients exciting integration and bundling capabilities ...

Moms are wired!

March 29, 2011
According to a recent study, Moms are rocking the smartphone pretty heavily.  This is not suprising to any of us who have ever taken a kid to ballet or soccer practice.  Look out at the parents--they are all buried in their phones, checking Facebook! This has big implications for the ...

Should your church create an iPhone app?

October 18, 2010
Mobile web, iPhone app, or both? When I speak to churches on a daily basis, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear how you guys are keeping up with the rapidly-changing mobile tech landscape. The seismic shifts in technology have led to some important changes in the way churches communicate and interact. As ...
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