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Rich Navigation: Going Beyond Basic Drop-Down Menus

August 18, 2014
"We want to make it easier to find things on our Website." "I'm constantly getting complaints that people think our site is confusing." "Everything needs to be accessible within just a few clicks." These are among the common comments we often receive from churches as we begin a new Website redesign project. They're ...

See a List of all the Friendly URLs on Your Site

July 29, 2014
The importance of Friendly URLs cannot be overstated. This handy tool in SiteOrganic allows you to transform a long, unmemorable address like this: ...into something much easier, like this: Even though this change only affects the address that your visitors will see in their browser toolbar (and has no impact on the ...

Should You Use Your Church Core Values as Your Website Navigation?

June 29, 2011
Let's imagine that you are a mom, and your family just moved into a new town. You're hunting for a new church, and decide to check out the Website for a church someone recommended to you. So, you get on the Interwebs and head over to their site. So far, ...

Does Your Church Website Need a Search Box?

June 22, 2011
Things we hear almost on a daily basis from our new clients here at SiteOrganic: "Our old site is too cluttered, we want to streamline it." "People tell us how hard it is to find stuff on our old site." "Since our last site was built 4 years ago, our church has totally ...

The case for Friendly URLs

May 5, 2011
Classic research into human memory tells us that the average amount of objects a person can remember is anywhere from 5 to 9.  How does this translate to Website addresses? If you've ever listened to a radio commercial or an announcement from the church podium, and tried to commit ...

5 Ingredients for a Successful Page Title

April 17, 2011
It's the part of your page that you typically create first, and then never give it a second thought.  But did you know that the title of your page can literally make or break your ranking on Google?  It gets better. There really are two page titles to consider: Visible page ...

5 Ways to Boost your Google ranking

March 23, 2011
A lot has changed in Web technology over the past decade, but there is still one question I hear about as often as I did in 2001: How do I generate traffic to my site? Or more specifically, how can my site show up higher in the search results on Google, Yahoo ...

Turn that Spreadsheet into a Map

September 26, 2010
Clients keep finding cool resources for us to share. This one comes from Mike Hurt, Senior Pastor at Parkway Church in Victoria, TX. Parkway is using the free BatchGeo tool to automatically convert a spreadsheet of small group listings into an interactive Google Map. Total time spent: about 15 ...
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