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Measure Your Site Traffic Like an Expert

August 8, 2014
It's easier to know how you're doing with your Website when you can measure its results. We talk a lot about producing fruit with your online ministry, and you really won't know if you're succeeding unless you measure what you're doing! Check out this recent post, outlining why Christian ...

Use Friendly URLs in Your Section Menus and Sitemap

August 4, 2014
In keeping with our previous tip about managing your Friendly URLs throughout your site, we thought it would be good to highlight another huge benefit of using Friendly URLs.  You already may know that you can include the ...

See a List of all the Friendly URLs on Your Site

July 29, 2014
The importance of Friendly URLs cannot be overstated. This handy tool in SiteOrganic allows you to transform a long, unmemorable address like this: ...into something much easier, like this: Even though this change only affects the address that your visitors will see in their browser toolbar (and has no impact on the ...

10 Cool Things You Can Do With Google

October 14, 2011
Regular searching is so 2002. There a ton of nice little gems packed right into the search results page, so you don't even have to click on any of the result links.  Have you done any of these things with the trusty goog? 1. Check the weather. Just type "weather" ...

Blog Comment Spam Stinks. We have 3 ideas to help you stop it.

October 10, 2011
We went through a period where our Wordpress blog was inundated with spam. Thanks to simple measures we took (and every blogger should take), these comments didn't ever appear to outside readers. More than anything, they were just a big hassle since we had to manually review, disapprove, and block ...

The case for Friendly URLs

May 5, 2011
Classic research into human memory tells us that the average amount of objects a person can remember is anywhere from 5 to 9.  How does this translate to Website addresses? If you've ever listened to a radio commercial or an announcement from the church podium, and tried to commit ...

5 Ingredients for a Successful Page Title

April 17, 2011
It's the part of your page that you typically create first, and then never give it a second thought.  But did you know that the title of your page can literally make or break your ranking on Google?  It gets better. There really are two page titles to consider: Visible page ...

Insider Tip: The Most Important SEO Element on Your Site

September 5, 2010
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies on a number of interrelated factors. The more time you invest in effective SEO techniques on your site, the higher you'll rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And there is no single element on your site that has more impact than the TITLE tags on each page. ...
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