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5 Ways to Boost your Google ranking

March 23, 2011
A lot has changed in Web technology over the past decade, but there is still one question I hear about as often as I did in 2001: How do I generate traffic to my site? Or more specifically, how can my site show up higher in the search results on Google, Yahoo ...

What does “Intelligent Design” Have to do with a Website?

February 3, 2011
What do we mean when we say "Intelligent Design" at SiteOrganic? The phrase has clear connotations in faith-based discussions, well beyond the scope of this blog. For our purposes, though, we say Intelligent Design to illustrate why a SiteOrganic site is so special. Here are some examples of what we ...

Recent SiteOrganic Updates

December 6, 2010
Our "elves" have been busy, delivering some easly Christmas goodies to all of our great clients.  Here are highlights of what we have recently added to SiteOrganic: Combine external video with internal audio (New! You can have an audio recording hosted at SiteOrganic, and a video hosted at

Huge Response for Media Suite 2.0

October 2, 2010
Since its release 2 months ago, the SiteOrganic Media Suite has been our most-requested feature. Our Care Team has been doing an amazing job of installing these tools for clients, beating promised completion dates in every case. If you're not yet using the Media Suite 2.0 tools, we invite ...

Vimeo + SiteOrganic: Great for Mobile Devices!

October 1, 2010
With Vimeo's recent release of their universal HTML5 player for embedding, you now have another great option to share your video. Most of you will probably still find that it's easiest to keep all ...

Insider Tip: Hide the Header on Your Site

August 21, 2010
From time to time, clients ask us about hiding the header area of their site. For example, on a special splash page, or a landing page used for a temporary holiday or outreach, you may not want to show your typical logo and navigation bar. While this may seem like ...
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