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The 2 Things You Should Do When a New Person Joins Your Web Team

August 15, 2014
Have you had any recent changes in your online ministry team? If you have a new webmaster, communications staff member, or volunteer, there are two things you need to do: Notify SiteOrganic: We'll take care of updating the users and points ...

Why Your Church Needs a Style Guide

August 3, 2011
Could the right font really mean the difference between someone visiting your church, or not at all?  Will the gospel message penetrate further when your church logo is not stretched too wide atop your Sunday bulletin? Are typos a sing of the end times? It may seem like a stretch at ...

5 Things to Do to Get Your Website Ready for Fall

July 18, 2011
A friend of mine who worked on the staff of a large church had a great saying.  He described the seemingly-endless treadmill of activity that consumes folks in the church office. It repeats each week: submitting bulletin announcements, worship planning, rehearsals, sterilizing baby toys, setting up cones in the parking ...

Handling Negative and Inappropriate Comments on your Website

June 3, 2011
Churches are frequently hesitant to create true community out of fear. Fear that the wrong stuff will get posted on your site. And you know what? Their fears are well-placed. Find any Website that has had open comments or forums for a while, and I'll show you someone who has ...

Need Some Big Inspiration?

May 26, 2011
At the Whiteboard Sessions earlier this month, the free eBook by Seth Godin called What Matters Now was referenced.  If you've not read it, or even if you have, it's worth downloading. Maybe even printing. This eBook is full of quick, digestible ideas and inspiration from authors as diverse ...

Every Church Web Coordinator Should Have These Qualities (part 2 of 2)

April 20, 2011
I recently came across a rather humorous résumé.  Apparently it was dropped off at a restaurant.  No word if the person was actually hired.  Let's hope that if this résumé was dropped off at your church, you would be rapidly directing the nice young gentleman to your career ...

Every Church Web Coordinator Should Have These Qualities (part 1 of 2)

April 19, 2011
My wife used to be a tech recruiter, and every once in a while she would get an almost impossible job description (or "req", in recruiterspeak).  This was a job description with a mix of exotic skills that you'd never expect to find in a single person.  For example: Big government contractor ...

3 Necessary Qualities in a Volunteer

April 13, 2011
The most common thing we hear when a church is calling SiteOrganic for the first time? It goes something like this: "We had this great guy helping us with our Website. He set it up on insert name of open source CMS here, and did all the updates for us. Nobody ...

Recent SiteOrganic Updates

December 6, 2010
Our "elves" have been busy, delivering some easly Christmas goodies to all of our great clients.  Here are highlights of what we have recently added to SiteOrganic: Combine external video with internal audio (New! You can have an audio recording hosted at SiteOrganic, and a video hosted at
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