What does “Intelligent Design” Have to do with a Website?

Posted at February 3, 2011

What do we mean when we say “Intelligent Design” at SiteOrganic?

The phrase has clear connotations in faith-based discussions, well beyond the scope of this blog. For our purposes, though, we say Intelligent Design to illustrate why a SiteOrganic site is so special.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

- If you’ve ever scheduled a promo announcement to automatically remove itself from your home page, you’ve experienced Intelligent Design.

- If you’ve ever placed tons of text on a page and not even noticed the overall frame expand to accommodate your content, then you’ve experienced Intelligent Design.

- If you’ve ever added a sermon to your media page, and seen your home page automatically show the new sermon too, you’ve experienced Intelligent Design.

- If you’ve ever used the skinning tools in SiteOrganic, then you’ve definitely experienced Intelligent Design.

You might take these things for granted, but people on other platforms wish they had this type of smart design on their Websites!

We include hundreds of small, smart features into each of our sites. We want the SiteOrganic ministry Content Management System to do the heavy lifting, so that you and your audience don’t have to. Your time is freed up to engage with your people, and generate results!

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