When Most Donors are First-Timers, Make Quick Give the Default

Posted at August 21, 2014

Using SiteOrganic Giving offers a number of benefits, especially for donors who have a profile. They can return to your site anytime to set up recurring giving, view and print giving statements, update credit card info, and more. In most church settings, you will want to encourage your people to set up a profile for their giving, so they can enjoy the convenience and features provided.

What if Most Donors are First-Timers?

In situations where you are accepting donations from the public, or your organization doesn’t typically see the same givers twice, the Quick Give option makes a lot of sense.

Benefits of Quick Give:

  • No login required
  • One screen to submit a donation
  • Allows donor to choose their designated fund for giving (general fund, building, missions, Christmas, etc.)
  • Allows multiple funds in a single donation transaction
  • Fully secure (Tier 1 PCI compliance)
  • Can later be combined with a donor’s records, once they set up a profile

Making Quick Give Your Default Choice

Normally, the giving screen will open first to a returning donor login. If you’d rather change this so that Quick Give is the first thing that donors see, then do the following:

  1. Login to SiteOrganic Giving, and click on the My Account tab.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the “View Integration Code” link.
  3. You’ll see a line on this screen labeled “Portal Giving URL”.  Copy this URL to your clipboard (CTRL+C).
  4. Login to your SiteOrganic Website Admin Console, and find the page where you want to add the giving link.
  5. Create the link as you would normally, and paste in the URL that you got in step 3 above.  BEFORE YOU SAVE, add this to the end of the link: “&quick=1″.  Your finished link should look something like this:http://secure.siteorganic.com/dl/?uid=test3344552&quick=1
  6. Save your link and test.  It should open the giving screen and have the Quick Give option pre-selected.

See this in action (click the Make a Donation button on this page).

Contact the SiteOrganic Care Team if we can answer any questions for you on this.

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