Why Does Your Organization Have a Website?

Posted at July 6, 2010

Why does your organization have a Website?

You should consider this question routinely. It’s a simple query, but it can uncover lots of underlying uncertainty related to online strategy, departmental priorities, and even the direction of the organization itself.

We often ask the question this way: “My Website will be successful if _________” (fill in the blank).

Common answers might include:

  • We see a 50% increase in new visitors to our church, and/or more people telling us they found us “online”
  • Our printing costs decrease by at least 15%
  • All of our media content is available online for free
  • My staff can finally edit their own information, without going through the Web guy
  • We appear on the first page of Google results

I encourage you to take inventory of your Web strategy this Summer. Your online presence should help to support the overall strategy for your organization. If it isn’t, then you have an alignment problem, and you should address it before Fall comes around.

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