Writing for Mobile: When in Doubt, Leave it Out

Posted at November 8, 2011

A recent report by Jakob Neilsen reveals some interesting truths about the way users expect to read text on their mobile devices.  The crux of the question is, as they state:

How can people simultaneously want to kill time and get angry when their time is wasted?

Churches should be mindful of the way that mobile users are reacting to content, and how their behavior is changing and maturing.  Your organization might be considering a one-site-fits-all strategy, whereby the same Website is used regardless of the visitor’s device/platform.  Other churches, however, are using a dual-site strategy where a larger site is shown to desktop viewers, and a smaller site (with more succinct content) is delivered to mobile audiences.

The classic problem in church offices remains: how do you manage two different versions of your content when you’re stretched thin as a church staff? Is it worth it?

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